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Call the Midwife is a charitable organisation that supports Maasai people in a group of rural villages in Tanzania. Our mission is to work in partnership with the villagers to enable everyone within the community to live with dignity, healthcare provision and self-sufficient, sustainable methods of income.



Giggles of joy from selling soda

Christine was a childless widow. Such women are often despised and put out of the village to die a slow hungry and lonely death. The local church took Christine into their community where they enjoyed mutual care and benefit. One woman even gave Christine a child. He is now a handsome young man. Christine sells soda at a cattle market every Saturday and is able to support him through school. She works very hard as she buys a whole crate of drinks and carries them on the bus. She then rents a chest freezer and blocks of ice (there is no electricity there). Call the Midwife gave her enough money to buy the first crate. When Liz saw her at the market, she tried to say how much profit she had made but she could not get the words out through her giggles of sheer of joy. It was only pennies every week, but they are life-transforming pennies.