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Call the Midwife is a charitable organisation that supports Maasai people in a group of rural villages in Tanzania. Our mission is to work in partnership with the villagers to enable everyone within the community to live with dignity, healthcare provision and self-sufficient, sustainable methods of income.


An opportunity to perform a random act of human kindness.

Liz Moore

Just imagine if babies in your locality had to be delivered without the use of water because there are no sinks, no taps, no bathrooms or toilets. Imagine if the midwife had no uniform and only one set of clothes that they wear every day on every occasion. They have no wardrobe at home and if they did, it would be empty. Imagine that disposable gloves cost a week's wages and that the new baby's cord is tied with a bit of rag torn from the mother's dress. That is the shocking reality for hundreds of women every day. In the villages where Call the Midwife operates, it is amazing that so many women and babies survive because a handful of dedicated women, trained by us do all that they can to apply all that they have learned with loving devotion. Call the Midwife would like to ease their burden. We would like to supply safer delivery kits. Could you spare £10 to sponsor one kit? If you can, it is possible to donate directly through this web site. If you are a UK taxpayer, please follow the links to LINKS INTERNATIONAL who collect gift aid on our behalf. It involves completing a gift aid form if this is your first ever donation. But, it's worth the effort to bring a little bit of humanity into such inhumane conditions.   

Sponsor a baby bag

A donation of ten pounds will support an expectant mother to visit an ante natal clinic on four occasions and supply her with a safer delivery kit which will be kept clean and safe in a sturdy zip closed bag.

The clinic visits help with screening for conditions such as severe anaemia.  While this is common in rural Africa, it is potentially life threatening during labour. Anaemia is caused by malaria and dysentery. Simple treatments can be prescribed in good time.

The safer delivery kits will help to ensure a good outcome for mother, baby and importantly, for the person delivering the baby. This promotes  the well being of the whole family and wider community.

Call the Midwife Tanzania discovered that birth attendants had only one set of clothes. As they did not want to spoil them during a delivery, they took them off but hated the indignity of doing this. 

Your sponsorship donation will also help to keep a supply of simple-to-launder uniforms.

Call the Midwife Tanzania always aims to make projects sustainable. We also try to ensure that those benefiting value what they are receiving.  We will ask each mother to be to pay towards the safer delivery kit each time she visits the clinic. This contribution will be a fraction of the value of the whole kit but it will give the mother-to-be the dignity of having paid something. It will help to ensure that she values the contents and uses them for their intended purpose. Of course, we will be sensitive to those who truly cannot afford to pay anything.

The kit will include

  • Health enriching supplements to combat life threatening anaemia
  • Measures to aid hygiene such as clean water, a hand washing bowl, soap and a hand towel. Disposable gloves.
  • Dignity-enhancing plastic sheet to cover the cow hide on the floor where the woman will give birth, a rubbish bag, sanitary towels.
  • Safety for the baby with a sterile cord cutter and clamp, baby towel, nappies, baby clothes, hat and baby blanket.

PLEASE NOTE that with regret we cannot accept donations of baby clothes due to import restrictions and freight costs. We can purchase these goods cheaply in Tanzania. In turn this benefits their local economy. Thank you for your understanding.